We currently offer football to girls / women in the Solihull area. With 8 teams we are currently the largest club within the region. As a club we strive to meet our promises to players / parents alike. These are but not limited to - 

1 To provide football to children of all ages and abilities, in a safe and friendly environment. 

2- To deliver age-appropriate coaching to support long-term player development.

3 - To encourage all players to try their best and make the most of their abilities.

4 - To offer a challenging but supportive environment where children can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety. 

5 - To promote good behaviour and respect for others.

6 - To ensure all children have a equal opportunity of learning and most of all have FUN. 

We have a clear coaching pathway which we try to promote through the club at all ages to ensure consistency while coaching our players enabling them to have consistency to aid with their learning, these are but not limited to.

1 Improve the players movement skills: agility, balance, co-ordination and speed (ABC's).

2 - Develop the players technical skills by focusing on Ball mastery and players having no fear of occasionally playing risky football (risk taking).

3 - Increase the player's decision-making capabilities.

4 - Promoting active inclusion in football to strengthen life skills (co-operation, teamwork, communication and friendship).

5 - Through good designed practices the players will benefit and cover elements from every aspect of the FA Four-Corner Model

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